Coach Zondra

As a Motivational Speaker, Keynote and Emcee, Zondra is a captivating, compelling force on the platform, arming her audiences with current, creative and practical ideas for increasing leadership skills and personal growth. Zondra’s revitalizing messages makes her the inspired choice for memorable and entertaining seminars, lunches, and keynotes. She offers a dynamic mix of key life changing messages and realism, interspersing concrete solutions and street-smart insights.


“As a result of you becoming my client your life is better because ___I am now able to recognize what fear truly is and with that comes true life and love. I now know that I have the power to heal those places in my soul that were so trapped and hidden, I have tools now so that I can reach down, understand those fears, overcome them and find peace within. Zondra had enhanced my life by holding me accountable to my true self, teaching me that I have it all right here everything I need to reach the highest successes with my family and community.

I have an ability to reach within and look inside and see myself as a person who shines from the inside out. Zondra has helped me to gain an understanding of energy and that you don’t have to live a life that is completely overcome with stagnant energy. I can understand that even though I have those moments of fear and misunderstanding. I now can recognize them so much more quickly and move on by acknowledging and dealing with the moment or issue and not let it interfere with my true path."

- Sam

"There’s NO winning team, in any sport, that wins without a coach. Even the greatest and most accomplished athletes need them. If you wan to win in your endeavors, you too need a coach. Coach Z is a great addition to any team – a team of 1 or 12 and beyond. I found Coach Z’s coaching style to be relate-able, transformational, and phenomenal. She will not leave you where she finds you. She asks the hard questions by asking the right questions. Thank you, Coach Z!"

- Penelope Larry, B.S., MBA President Doing Business With Saints, Inc. (Author, Pastor, Entrepreneur, Leader)