Caregiver Coaching

15 years of Personal Experience as a Caregiver…
After receiving her formal certification as a Life Coach, Zondra decided that it was critically important to help other Caregivers navigate through care transitions and provide a haven for Caregivers to share their inner most thoughts, worries and frustrations associated with providing in home care. ​She’s also a co-author in a book on Caregiving where she’s shared some of her feelings and how she prevailed in spite of the challenges associated with providing care.


"I pride myself on being very well together, self-assured and confident. Through Coaching with Zondra I didn’t realize that I had a few unfortunate life situations that were associated in many aspects of my life. This was causing me great anx and frustration. Through my coaching sessions I was taught the importance of cleaning my house and learning not to accept things that lacked substance. Coming to the realization that I may be the catalyst of my issues – always expecting others to meet me on my level vs. learning to meet people where they are. It all started with the “Wheel of Life” which was a visual representation of how rickety my life really was. With help from Coach Zondra my life has taken a 180 degree change and I now found the love of my life. Thank you Zondra for helping realize the best in me."

-Kim (California) Client

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